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Co Heads of PrimaryRashid School for Boys serves the local Emirati community. As Co-Heads we ensure high quality teaching and exceptional levels of individual care. The RSB teamworks together to inspire and support our boys; offering them the support and opportunity to thrive and achieve their full potential in a safe and stimulating environment.

We recognise the importance and actively promote an effective partnership with parents. Our home school relationship is based on mutual trust and respect. Together we work on developing the positive values, attitudes and skills that our boys will need as they travel through RSB then beyond. Good behaviour, hard work and a positive ethos are the key to our success.

We are proud of the students and staff at RSB. We are also very proud of the progress that we continue to make in developing independent, self confident, respectful young men.

There is no doubt that RSB Primary is a happy and dynamic place where children always come first. As Co-Heads we are committed to leading the exciting and challenging educational journey ahead.

Michelle France & Alison Dawson





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