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Team Angel Wolf presentation - Year 6

Last week Year 6 were given a very special presentation by Nick Watson from Team Angel Wolf. Nick takes part in many, many fitness events around Dubai and the UAE He has a son with special needs who he includes in these competitions by using a special bike, a push chair or even carrying him, so that he can be part of the exciting experience. The Year 6 boys sat attentively for an hour listening to Nick and seeing what he does with his son; they were amazed at what they saw and heard.  They were truly inspired to see that anything is possible when you really want to do it and you have a team of caring people around you. This presentation also reminded us of the very important message of treating people who have a disability with respect and equality.

The boys were very pleased to learn that Team Angel Wolf can be followed on Facebook and Instagram. They are keen to follow what they have been doing and the events they will be competing in in the future. Many boys are keen to take part in a 3km run that Nick's son will be doing in the near future.

The year 6 teachers are incredibly proud of their boys; they listened with respect and asked many interesting questions. Please have a look at Team Angel Wolf with your son; it is truly inspiring!

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