Statement of aims and values

Educational Objectives

Our mission is supported by the following educational objectives, where we aim to help students to:

  • have high aspirations and standards and to take pride in their school, work and achievements;
  • be fluent communicators in Arabic and English;
  • be well motivated and develop lively, enquiring minds and view learning as a continuous, life-long process;
  • acquire self-respect and self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility for themselves and others;
  • respect the values of the UAE and international societies and be active and caring members of the community;
  • develop the skills to learn independently and to use modern technology with confidence;
  • become fully prepared for the work place or for higher education and further study in the UAE, UK, US and other destinations;
  • develop skills of leadership, teamwork, innovation and initiative;
  • develop a tolerance, understanding and respect for others;
  • understand their responsibility towards local and global environmental issues;
  • be physically fit and healthy through an understanding of nutrition, exercise and health education.

What we value at RSB:  Learning, Leadership, Respect

We have also spent time, as a school, discussing what we believe is of value to us and central to the ethos of the school.  Staff and students have agreed the following:


  • Making the most of all opportunities to learn
  • Understanding that learning is for life
  • Learning how to learn, and finding new ways to learn
  • Learning is about facts, skills, values and creativity
  • Learning is for all staff and students


  • Building and joining teams
  • Being a good communicator
  • Being a good listener
  • Having courage to do the right thing
  • Making good decisions
  • Being able to question and challenge
  • Thinking creatively
  • Having personal integrity and compassion
  • Develop skills for future leadership

RESPECT and kindness

  • Having respect for your own culture and religion
  • Having respect for the culture and religion of others
  • Showing respect to young and old, women and men
  • Showing empathy and sensitivity
  • Being tolerant and fair
  • Showing respect for our environment and living things
  • Showing respect and kindness to your family and friends