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The best learning our students will ever do?

We can debate for hours the components of high quality education and great learning.  However, few would disagree that the most profound learning and the most memorable experiences our students have, often takes place away from the classroom.


Residential trips give our students experiences that it can be difficult to match inside a school building. Last week we have three groups of students in the UK; Year 11 students on our social studies trip and Year 12 students studying AS level Art and AS History.  Experiences included touring a BMW factory, time at Hampton Court and visiting the National Portrait Gallery.  Many of the places they visited had educational programmes for school groups and learning directly in locations like these gives young people experiences they will never forget.


In February 2018 we hope to run our first trip for primary students to Malaysia as well as our annual ski trip; two wonderful opportunities.  I would also like to stress the personal and social aspects of residential trips, where students of all ages learn to be independent, socially mature and gain a wider view of the world.


We have taken our Year 9 students to the Outward Bound centre in England’s Lake District for nearly 20 years; where they learn team work and outdoor skills in a challenging and exciting environment.  As a result of these trips I was invited, this week, to meet the patron of the Outward Bound Trust, HRH Prince Andrew, where I, and many other school Principals discussed the value of residential education. 


I am delighted with the many trips that we offer from Rashid School and look forward to seeing these grow and develop further in the coming years.


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