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Inspection Time

Rashid School for Boys is having its first DSIB Inspection from 25th to 29th November.  School review and improvement are important aspects of the success of any school, and we welcome the insight and experience of the inspection team during their visit to our school.

The inspection is designed around the KHDA 'Inspection Framework' and looks closely at every aspect of the school including, student attainment and progress, personal and social care, our curriculum and school leadership.

The inspection team don't only look at what is going on inside the school; parents have an important role to play, too.  Parents have been invited to complete a survey, where they are asked about their view of the school.  The link for the online survey has been sent as a text message, and I encourage all our parents to complete this.

We have worked very hard to prepare for this inspection and we look forward to welcoming the team on Sunday 25th.



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