School aims and values

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Rashid School for Boys: Statement of Aims

At Rashid School, every student is known and valued as an individual. Our aim is to help all pupils grow and develop to the full extent of their ability and to equip them with the skills required to take on leading roles within Dubai and internationally. We demand high standards of discipline, honesty, courtesy and effort, and we encourage and expect each pupil to attain the highest level of achievement of which he is capable.

We aim to integrate the best of current educational practice with a respect for Arab traditions and culture. The curriculum is broad and balanced, and combines academic study with creative, physical and social activities. UAE students have a moral and spiritual education that aims to develop an understanding of, and pride in, the Arabic and Islamic community.

In particular, we aim to help students to:

 have high aspirations and standards and to take pride in their school, work and achievements;

 be fluent communicators in Arabic and English;

 be well motivated and develop lively, enquiring minds and view learning as a continuous, life-long process;

 acquire self-respect and self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility for themselves and others;

 to respect the values of the UAE and international societies and be active and caring members of the community;

 develop the skills to learn independently and to use modern technology with confidence;

 become fully prepared for the work place or for higher education and further study in the UAE, UK, US and other destinations;

 develop skills of leadership, teamwork and initiative;

 develop a tolerance, understanding and respect for others;

 understand their responsibility towards local and global environmental issues;

 be physically fit and healthy through an understanding of nutrition, exercise and health education.

Who is the school for?

The school provides an education for members of the ruling family or those closely associated with the ruling family. Most will join the school in our Foundation Stage and stay for 14 or 15 years.

Section 1 – 1

What we value at RSB: Learning, Leadership, Respect

Always learning

 Making the most of all opportunities to learn

 Understanding that learning is for life

 Learning how to learn, and finding new ways to learn

 Learning is about facts, skills, values and creativity

 Learning is for all staff and students

Ready for leadership

 Building and joining teams

 Being a good communicator

 Being a good listener

 Having courage to do the right thing

 Making good decisions

 Being able to question and challenge

 Thinking creatively

 Having personal integrity and compassion

 Develop skills for future leadership

Respect and kindness

 Having respect for your own culture and religion

 Having respect for the culture and religion of others

 Showing respect to young and old, women and men

 Showing empathy and sensitivity

 Being tolerant and fair

 Showing respect for our environment and living things

 Showing respect and kindness to your family and friends