Parent questionnaire

All members of the school are committed to working closely with parents and the local community.  Parents and guardians are always welcome at the school and any questions or concerns are treated promptly and with respect.  We get to know our students' parents very well and have worked closely with many families for more than twenty years.  Former students of Rashid and Latifa Schools now make up a significant proportion of our parent body. 

Central to this partnership is good communication; progress sheets, reports and parents meetings are all used to keep mothers and fathers well informed.  Discussion with parents and questionnaires are used to find out from parents what they think of the school and whether there are any areas where they would like to see change.

We carry out regular questionnaires to gain additional feedback from parents, and the results from the most recent of these, 2016, can be found by clicking on the tab on the left Parent Questionnaire 2016.